How To Use Google Trends: Trending Searches In Nigeria 2019

What if I show you how to use Google Trends properly? Would it help you grow your online business?.

Off course Yes! Not only will it help you grow your online business but it will help you discover hot in demand products in your target location for those of you in the ecommerce niche.

So, in this article, I am going to show you how Google Trends can help you grow your audience irrespective of your niche.

But, before we dive into the various ways of which you can use Google Trends to increase your search traffic, let’s quickly look at “What is Google Trends” and the Trending Searches In Nigeria 2019.

What is Google Trends?

Google trends is simply the trending searches entered into Google’s search engine in a particular location over a given period of time. With Google Trends, you can be able to know if a trends is rising or declining. You would be able to find the related topics, related queries and the demographic insights to help you understand the trends.

Trending Searches In Nigeria 2019

These are the Trending Searches In Google trends Nigeria for 2019.


  1. ASUU Strike
  2. AFCON 2019
  3. Naira Marley
  4. Women’s World Cup 2019
  5. Xenophobia
  6. Election results
  7. XXXtentacion
  8. iPhone 11
  9. MC Oluomo
  10. Headies award 2019


  1. Naira Marley
  2. Atiku Abubakar
  3. Neymar
  4. MC Oluomo
  5. Rema
  6. Cameron Boyce
  7. xxxtentacion
  8. Teni
  9. Nipsey Hussle
  10. DJ Arafat

Trending Questions (What is…)

  1. What is Xenophobia
  2. What is Ruga
  3. What is Terrorism
  4. What is Election
  5. What is Justice
  6. What is Political Apathy
  7. What is Revolution
  8. What is Capital Market
  9. What is happening in South Africa
  10. What is First Aid

Trending Questions (How to…)

  1. How to create an email account
  2. How to start a blog
  3. How to write a formal letter
  4. How to make egusi
  5. How to make buns
  6. How to reduce belly fat
  7. How to play chess
  8. How to ask a girl out
  9. How to write a CV
  10. How to make Fried rice

Music Artist

  1. Zlatan
  2. Burna Boy
  3. Naira Marley
  4. Teni
  5. Kizz Daniel
  6. Simi
  7. Phyno
  8. Rema
  9. Timaya
  10. Fireboy


  1. Regina Daniels
  2. Genevieve Nnaji
  3. Tonto Dike
  4. Hadiza Gabon
  5. Ini Edo
  6. Eniola Badmus
  7. Iyabo Ojo
  8. Femi Adebayo
  9. Ken Erics
  10. Toyin Aimakhu


  1. Brown Skin Girl lyrics
  2. Uyo Meyo lyrics
  3. Blow My Mind lyrics
  4. Naira Marley Soapy lyrics
  5. Davido Risky lyrics
  6. Am I a yahoo boy lyrics
  7. One Ticket lyrics
  8. XXXtentacion Moonlight lyrics
  9. Dumebi Lyrics
  10. Teni Billionaire lyrics

Mobile Phones

  1. iPhone 11
  2. Samsung Note
  3. Samsung S10
  4. iPhone XS
  5. iPhone 8
  6. Samsung S7
  7. Samsung S8
  8. iPhone 6s
  9. iPhone XS MAX
  10. iPhone XR

Movies / TV Series

  1. Big Brother Nigeria
  2. Mehek
  3. Captain Marvel
  4. When they see us
  5. Aquaman
  6. Shazam
  7. Game of Thrones Season 8
  8. Money Heist
  9. John Wick 3
  10. Avengers Endgame


  1. Joro
  2. Dangote by Burna Boy
  3. Brown Skin Girl
  4. Woske
  5. Pawon
  6. Risky by Davido
  7. Billionaire by Teni
  8. Oil and Gas by Olamide
  9. Uyo Meyo
  10. Blow my mind

Sports People

  1. Neymar
  2. Emiliano Sala
  3. David Luiz
  4. Bruno Fernandes
  5. Higuain
  6. Nicholas Pepe
  7. Tammy Abraham
  8. Denis Suárez
  9. Daniel James
  10. Isaac Promise

How To Use Google Trends

Now that you know what Google trends is and the Trending Searches in Nigeria 2019. The question of how to use it and grow your online business arises. In this section we will look at the various ways of which you can make use of google trends.

Using Google Trends To Find Niche

Google trends can be very helpful if you’re looking for a new niche market you can venture into. For example, in our list of trending searches in Nigeria above, “how to reduce belly fat” was one of the trending questions asked in the (how to…) trends.

If you wanted to create a sub-niche blog in weight loss, you would want to go for “belly fat”. Here’s how you could actually determine if “belly fat” would be a better sub-niche for you to considered blogging about. Firstly, you go to the Google trends and type in “belly fat” in the search terms. Secondly, you filtered the period to 2004-present. You can choose to set it to 3-5 years depending on what you want to achieve, just don’t use the default past 12 months. Thirdly, you select the category you want. It will let you know if the search volume is actually increasing or decreasing overtime.

In the screenshot below, you can clearly see that the search volume is decreasing overtime. However, that does not mean that you wouldn’t get website visitors if you finally decides to venture into this niche.

Google trends belly fat

Using Google Trends For Keywords Research

Google trends can serve as a good Keywords research tool for you. There are many things that this tool can expose you to. From knowing the search volume to finding related queries and topics of the keywords you’re researching.

For example, if you type in the keyword “Recruitment” in the Google Trends tool, you would be able to see what people search for with this keyword and in which period of time does people search the most and also the location that get the most searches.

Let me explain more with some screenshots.

In the screenshot above, you could clearly see that there are four sections you can modify to achieve your specific needs. These are; the country section, the timeframe, the category and the type of search. Now, depending on your preference, you could simply set these sections to what you want.

Notice in my screenshot above I set the country to “Nigeria”, the timeframe to “2004-present”, the category to “Jobs and education” and my type of search to “web search”. Here are my reasons;

Firstly, I set the country to Nigeria because I want to get the data for the search terms from people in Nigeria. Secondly, I set the timeframe from “2004-present” because I want to know if the search volume is increasing or decreasing overtime. Thirdly, I set the category to “Jobs and Education” because people who search for the keyword “recruitment” are likely going to be people under that category. Finally, “web search” because I want to collect the web search data, that is, people who actually input this search term in a web search engine.

Bottom Line: These settings plays a major role in the kind of results you’re going to get, make sure you set them right.

Now let’s talk about the results…

Below are the results you will get base on your search preference.

Get Interest Over time

The screenshot above shows you the keyword trends over the period of time you specify. Notice the spike in December 2010? That shows that many people search for recruitment in that period of time. Subsequently, the search volume has been decreasing drastically.

Get Interest by Subregions

The screenshot above shows you the interest by subregion. You can clearly see that the interest are in descending order throughout the subregions. Clicking on any of the subregions would further provide you with data in the city.

Get Related Topics And Queries

The related topics let you know topics that people who search for “recruitment” would likely search too.

And the related queries let you know queries that people who are interested in the keyword you’re researching on uses to search for information in search engines.

Notice the point mark breakout instead of a specific percentage? Well, Google tends to mark a certain keyword that they do not have the before and after percentage to display “breakout”. Usually, these are keywords that has grown over 5000%.

In my opinion, these breakout keywords are sometimes easy to rank keywords. That’s to say, if you create content around it, there is high probability that you could rank on Google first page.

Using Google Trends For YouTube

You can use Google Trends to find Trending videos keywords or to know when a video keyword would actually trend and create video around it.

This is how you do it, just the same way we did for “web search”. Simply go to the Google Trends and enter the search terms you wish to search for. In the area for the type of search, set it to YouTube Search. This would expose you to how that keyword is trending in YouTube search. Depending on the results, you can then decide whether to create video with that keyword or not.

Using Google Trends To Know Competitors Position with Google Compare

You can use Google trends to know how two companies in the same category are performing. For example, if you wanted to choose between Facebook and Twitter where to run ads and target your audience, you can simply use Google compare to know these two companies performance and which one will deliver the most.

From our screenshot above, it shows that Facebook will help you reach more audience than Twitter.

Conclusion: There are many things that Google Trends could help you accomplished. If you’re an online marketer, Google Trends is one of the best tools that can help you uncovered what people are searching for in your Niche. Overall, using Google Trends properly would help your group your online business.

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